Pastor Cox is the founder of Carrying Our Xross, a ministry with a desire to help the suffering. He’s the Director of Operations & Spiritual Care for Prayers of the People (POP), a nonprofit organization whose primary focus is providing spiritual care to patients, families and healthcare professionals in the healthcare systems with whom it partners. He’s the Executive Pastor of Prayer Time Community Baptist Church and an officer in the PV Panther Club Alumni Fraternity. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, mentor and my friend. He has a heart for people and a strong desire for everyone to know the word of God.

In this episode, Pastor Cox and I speak very candidly about who he is and how he is still being defined. He feels that as we sit in the quiet or silence God will reveal things to us. It’s in the silence that we can discover who we are. Pastor Cox shared his purpose which is to provide hope and healing to those who are hurting. I can testify to that because he truly saved my life. Pastor Cox plays a significant role in my life being a great friend, mentor and prayer intercessor.


Pastor Cox shared about the great work he does for POP and encourages those who have loved ones in the hospital to reach out to POP for spiritual care. If you’re in need of counseling, Carrying Our Xross is the ministry that will provide that. If you’re looking for a church home, you can join Pastor Cox at Prayer Time Community Baptist Church.


You can connect with Pastor Cox here:
Facebook: Pastor Kelvin Cox, Sr
Prayers of the People
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