2020 was a freaking rollercoaster! Most of us have not experienced a pandemic before. The coronavirus has turned life upside down for those who have not been directly affected, and worse for those who have. Our sense of normalcy has become unrecognizable in many ways.

Public health actions, including social distancing, health safety measures, closure of businesses, parks, and even beaches have caused fear and anxiety for many of us. There have been a lot of unknowns for people to deal with. Economic insecurity, inability to go to a gym and exercise as well as changes to the fabric of normal life in America. And the scary thing is the pandemic isn’t over. We are on the brink of another variant emerging.

Are you always afraid now?

Uncertainty is all around us, never more so than today. As human beings, we need to feel some sense of certainty and a normal way of life. We want to feel safe. It is also very important for humans to have some sense of control of their lives, health, and overall wellness. Of course, uncertainty about the future and dear can lead to anxiety, stress feelings of powerlessness.

Key Ways To Protect Your Sanity

Uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life. Life changes in an instant. That can be a little hard to get your head around. Anxiety is normal at this time. Worry that life may not ever go back to the way it was pre-pandemic. The truth is who knows. Check out these tips to stay positive and cope.

What Is Good?

It’s not the bright side but the good stuff. No matter how small. Time with family or pets. Maybe it’s time to relax, or work on an art project, or write a book. Finding gratitude for anything you have in your life is key. Gratitude promotes mental health and a more positive outlook in general which is amazing for your mental health.

Set A Schedule

So, your daily routine was lost months ago. So, let’s take a minute and make a new one. Grab a calendar or a notebook. Use your phone if you have to. Create a schedule for yourself. This can be for work, school, or personal projects. Having a structure to your day helps you have meaning, purpose, and encourages productivity. This can bring peace and structure to your life.


Connect with friends and family using technology. Social media, video conferencing and phone calls will help you stay connected to people you care about. Social isolation is avoidable by reaching out. Connecting with friends can help take the fear out of the pandemic, or at least reduce it. Don’t always wait for your friends to call you. Reach out to them.

Self-Care Tips To Fight Fear During The Pandemic

Self-Care Practices:

● Meditate or do yoga

● Take a hot bath to relax

● Journaling – Writing out your feelings is a great outlet.

● Go on a hike or get some fresh air.

● Spirituality Practices

● Listen to calming music

● Cut down on screen time & negative news stories.

You are the captain of your life. Implement fear-busting habits! The pandemic life is scary for everyone, but keep in mind that you are not alone and there is a lot of support out there for you to take advantage of. Staying healthy, optimistic, and taking care of yourself are keys to healthy well-being.

Seek out and create a life filled with balance and good health. Using some of these practices will help you develop techniques to combat fear and improve your overall health. You can avoid being afraid all the time during the pandemic.