Nikki is the owner of DeJa Vu Skin Nikki is a mom, wife, sister, and aunt and she loves to travel, read, cook and spend time with her family. Nikki worked as a Case Manager for the Homeless population for 10 years and also became a certified domestic violence counselor working with battered women as well as men, she still helps out on the emergency hotline for domestic violence. These days you can find Nikki supporting her passion right along with her family creating quality products for herself as well as for others. Nikki also sends out positive affirmations to women daily to keep them uplifted and feeling great about themselves. Nikki believes that self-care is a priority and not a luxury and should be practiced daily in order to be at peace mentally physically and emotionally. While doing all this she is still looking to make her brand DeJa Vu Skin a household name!

LM: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
NC: I’m a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who loves to read and travel. I also love to spend time with my family and we all love to of course create products. I also love promoting self-care.

LM: Tell us about your business. 
NC: DéJa Vu Skin is a natural skincare line free of parabens and harsh skin irritants. DéJa Vu Skin is devoted to promoting mind-body balance through ritualized self-care. Our products are for men, women, and kids. DéJa Vu Skin is a black-owned family company. Through our own family’s hectic schedules, allergies, and sensitivity to harsh chemicals used in products; DéJa Vu Skin was born. Self-care is often a detail that is forgotten in our normal day to day, so the idea to create something to help ourselves as well as others embrace and practice self-care daily. It is our hope that we can begin to build a solid foundation and future through our community as well as social media involvement. While we or building we want you to look and feel great too!

LM: What prompted you to start your business?
NC: My family was having bad breakouts from using products full of chemicals and it prompted us to start creating our own products that were natural and better for our skin.

LM: Have you always aspired to be an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
NC: In the beginning no. As I got older I realized that I didn’t want to work for someone forever and I should put my skills to use and it took me and family deal with breakouts in order to really start making my products.

LM: What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?
NC: I love meeting and collaborating with other business owners. You meet so many great people.

LM: What’s the worst part of being an entrepreneur?
NC: As a small business sometimes you are overlooked since your not a big brand. You have to promote more to be noticed.

LM: Who’s your inspiration? Why?
NC: My inspiration is mainly is my family. They have always told us we can do whatever we put our minds to and that we are the only ones that can stop our goals.

LM: List some of your greatest achievements.
NC: Being featured in a magazine, Still being in business going on 2 years

LM: Name a time when things didn’t go right. What happened and how did you get past it?
NC: Well we created a body butter and we thought we had it right made the batch and it turned out brown 2 times and I was so devastated and just felt I can’t get this right threw the batches away. It was like everything we made that week was a bust. I took a couple of days to reflect and just pray and tried it again a week later and it was perfect. Not giving up was key and believing and praying worked.

LM: Where do you see your business in 3 years?
NC: I see us being in major stores all over the United States. Giving people these great products.

LM: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur?
NC: Never give up there will be days when you make no sales there will be days when you feel like nothing is going right but if you truly love what you do never give up.

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