Growing up Myra Armstead used to be a very bashful quiet girl with very few friends. She has never been one to open herself up to others. She has always been a person of observation. It was not until her adulthood that God started to clearly confirm how he wanted to use her to help others become saved and avoid life’s pitfalls. Myra has wrestled with spiritual instruction and confirmations. She has experienced so much hardship, pain, and disappointments. The world has no idea of what God has brought her through and how He has brought her through.
God is using Myra to reveal her imperfections and failures to the world. For some reason, there are many that think she has it all together. Her life’s battles are being revealed in this reading to help free others from the bondage of public acceptance. God has used Myra to show others that no matter what life throws you there is a lesson to be learned in all situations. God pulled Myra out of her comfort zone and is allowing her to become free through her transparency.
Now that Myra has developed in her spiritual journey it is time for the unleashing of the greatness God has embedded within her. She continuously involves herself in empowering other women, specifically through countless public speaking opportunities. She founded her own ministry as a way of giving back to women and girls in need. Myra donates used clothing and shoes on a monthly basis to needy single mothers in her local and surrounding communities as her personal ministry towards empowering women (The Trunk Ministry). God has granted her so many gifts and talents (Myra De Unique) in which she is now required to share with the world.

LM: Tell me a little about you.
MA: I consider myself to be a humble and grounded person. One who has experienced a lot for which I am grateful. I have always been raised to be concern about others, to share with others, and to give extra care and assistance to the less fortunate. My mother raised us in the church which created a spiritual foundation for us. I am forever grateful for that because no matter what I always knew that I had God. I am just a willing vessel for the Lord. I can never measure his goodness. So I’m willing to allow him to use me(with my flaws and imperfections) for the rest of mine.

LM: What was the inspiration for the story?
MA: My life encounters and my relationship with God.

LM: Why did you choose this title?
MA: Divine Purpose was spiritually given to me through mediation and prayer. The book had been written when the spirit of God dropped Divine Purpose into my spirit.

LM: What did you learn while writing the book?
MA: It more meaningful to be mentally free than to live in bondage. So many people are living in bondage to the failures, mistakes, and life challenges.

LM: What’s your favorite part or chapter of the book? Why?
MA: Chapter Three – Family Woes: This chapter is the turning point for my life when a sequence of life-changing events starts to occur. I call this my maturing and development period.

LM: What were some challenges you experienced while writing this book?
MA: Being transparent, because I’ve always considered myself to be a private person.

LM: What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?
MA: That I still had not properly dealt with a lot of past issues.

LM: What do you like to do when you are not writing?
MA: I enjoy listening to music.

LM: What advice would you tell someone who aspires to write or be an author?
MA: Trust the vision that God has given you. The vision was given to you not anyone else. It is not for another person to understand. However, it is for you to manifest.

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