LM: Tell us a little about yourself.
MM: I am Milan P. Mobley a Serial Entrepreneur, Publicist, and Public Speaker. I am the CEO of Umanagement Public Relations Agency, Founder, and Creator of the EntrepreneuHERs Brunch, Host of “Your Bossiest Friend The Podcast” and owner of Thee Milan Mobley Brand. I am a graduate of Bowie State University, where I obtained my Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Public Relations. I also am a graduate of The George Washington University where I obtained my Masters of Professional Studies degree in Strategic Public Relations.

LM: Why PR?
MM: Public Relations is such a hands-on and creative industry. I love being hands-on and I’m very creative. I love my mind being challenged and experience new things each day. Being a publicist you are able to help with a person’s or company’s growth and longevity.

LM: Why is effective branding so important for entrepreneurs?
MM: Branding is how your company grows, it’s how you sale it to increase and expand your business. If your branding isn’t consistent and appealing in the aspect of visuals and what you are portraying, it’s hard for people to see the value.

LM: Tell us a little about your Werkshop at WPS.
MM: My workshop is the BYOP, workshop standing for Be Your Own Publicist. This workshop will:

    • Help you gain tools, strategies and the knowledge needed in order to handle basic and primary Public Relations functions under your brand or business.
    • Learn how to develop a proper pitch to send to the media to obtain local level features.
    • A multitude of other essential items that will help enhance and prepare you to further your exposure with the public and media.

“Be your own Publicist” (BYOP) each attendee will be able to receive a free “Pitching Template” and “Press Release” Template.

LM: How can we get connected with you?
MM: Follow me on Instagram @theemilanmobley  Twitter @theemilanmobley or visit my website Umanagementpr.com or theemilanmobley.com