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Happy Angelversary Mama

Today marks the 4th year anniversary of my mother’s death. I will never forget that day as long as I live. It feels as if it just happened.

My mom was a tough woman but always someone who kept it real. I can remember the hugs and kisses; holding hands and her saying how much she loves me. I don’t know how hard it was for her to raise us. We struggled but she handled it all in stride. The funny thing is we didn’t even know we were poor. It’s funny now but as I look back I had just about anything anyone else had.

My mom was number 7 of 8 kids. Her mother was a strong woman who raised all 8 kids by herself as well as helped to raised numerous grandkids, my brother and I included. My mom is the baby girl and was the rowdy one. She often got in trouble in school but didn’t play with my grandma. My grandma wasn’t having that! She dropped out of high school but did go back and got her GED before going to business school.

She was a smart woman who could think quick on her feet. She was a trip and kept us laughing all the time. She is the most wonderful person in the world to me and I miss her dearly.

A few years ago, a good friend suggested I take my mom with me on her angelversary instead of being sad. I did it and it was an amazing experience. It felt as if she was with me. So today, we’re riding out again. She’s going everywhere with me. I choose to honor her legacy not by being sad and depressed but celebrating her.

There’s not a day, not even one moment, that I don’t think of her. Most days are filled with thoughts of her and her beautiful face. I rejoice in knowing that one day I’ll get to see her and we’ll be together again. Until rest easy my angel. I love you!!

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