Your health is about so much more than just your physical body. While your physical health is certainly an important element of your overall health picture, many other facets require attention, care, and support to remain healthy. Perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked and yet most crucial of these elements is your mental health. Without your mind and thoughts healthy, how can you lead a healthy life? Staying on top of your mental health means looking out for potential triggers. Here are three life events that can trigger mental health issues and what you can do to help yourself.

Loss of a loved One

Despite the best efforts of scientists, hopers, dreamers, and romantics throughout history, there is no cure for death. When you lose a loved one in your life it is only natural to go through the grieving process. This naturally includes periods of grief, depression, and anxiety. But if these issues become too difficult, or last a long time without abating, this could be a sign of a worse issue developing. You should see a therapist if you are experiencing the loss of a loved one to have medical help with your emotional and mental coping strategies.

Moving to a New Place

Another big life event that can trigger a mental health issue is moving to a new place. Whether you are simply moving across the street or the country, any time you’re changing up your residence is going to bring a lot of stress. Selling your home can be incredibly emotional. Not to mention, you may find your new life difficult at first as you set about starting a new routine, and potentially making new friends and acquaintances. Stay in touch with your feelings and once again, see a therapist if you are struggling.

A Breakup

The final life event on our list that can trigger a mental health issue is a bad breakup. Breakups are a natural part of many relationships, and everyone goes through some amount of heartbreak. But a bad breakup can also be a seriously derailing event. If you are finding it challenging, know that you are not alone. The best thing you can do for your mental health is to share how you feel with friends and family and seek professional help for relief.

Your mental health is a critical piece of your overall health. But you don’t always have control over life events which can impact your mental health severely. Stay on the lookout for these three life events that can trigger mental health issues and know how to deal with them healthily.

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