If you really want to run an amazing affiliate program for your business, one way to ensure that it makes money is to train your affiliates on how to make more sales. This may involve a lot of different types of business training and is likely outside your actual niche.

The types of affiliate training you can find and provide to your affiliates include:

• Facebook Marketing Training – Your affiliates may want to know how to run a Facebook advertisement to promote the products they sell.
• Google Ads Training – You can provide easy Google Ads training written by someone else by finding the right PLR.
• Software Platform Training – If you promote certain types of software platforms for affiliate marketing, you can find how-to training that is perfect for adding to your affiliate dashboard, including training about using your affiliate system.
• Subject Matter Training – You can train your affiliates about your subject matter and niche by finding training that teaches them about your niche and audience.
• Social Media Marketing Training – Every affiliate needs to engage in social media marketing to be successful, might as well teach them best practices.
• Marketing Funnel Training – Every salesperson needs to understand how the marketing funnels work so that they can use the best way to attract just the right customer to their offers.
• Specific Platform Training – If you use a particular platform like JVZOO.com or Clickbank.net, you’ll want to give them some training on the platform to help them find their way around. Usually, you can find that type of training available as PLR.
• Search Engine Optimization Training – Teach your affiliates all about search engine optimization so that the work they do is effective.
• Sales Copywriting Training – Even though they’ll use a lot of PLR too (especially if you teach them to do that), they still need to know information about copywriting to ensure that the content they publish is effective.
• Legal Training About Affiliate Marketing – It’s always a good idea to provide initial training about the law and affiliate marketing to all your new affiliates to ensure that they don’t break any rules or laws.
• Affiliate Marketing Tactics – Every affiliate can do with learning about the best practices of affiliate marketing tactics and trends that are current today.
• Email Marketing Training – Without email marketing, it’s possible that affiliate marketing wouldn’t even exist; teaching your affiliates all about email marketing is a great thing to offer them.

Make a list of all the things that can help an affiliate make more money, then do a search for content that fits your training needs. Test out the provider of the PLR to ensure that the content is up to date and will work for your affiliates if they put it into practice. Then upload the training to your affiliate dashboard, drop them an email to let them know, and incentivize them to use the training because people who are well trained are almost always more successful. Their success means you’re successful.