One of the most useful ways to use PLR is to repurpose it into a new format. For example, you can use written PLR to create audio and video content. In fact, when you do it this way, take text content and turn it into audio or video you will make the content unrecognizable as being reused because you’re going to end up adding your own voice to it making it unique to your brand.

Keep It Short

One thing you may not realize is that it takes about 170 words to fill 60 seconds of audio. Knowing this in advance can help you reduce the number of words you say per video. You want to keep your videos less than ten minutes, preferably less than five minutes per video to maximize viewership and the results you get from it. Typically, with this rule, a one-page article of 500 words will fill almost five minutes of audio.

Use Amazing Graphics and Images

If you are repurposing to video, you’ll want to find the best graphics and images to use for the information that you’re going to disseminate via the video. It’s best to use your own images, screenshots, and graphics or use highly edited stock photos that look unique. Ensure that the images advance understanding of the information you’re providing.

Use the Right Tools

You don’t have to spend a lot of money creating audio or video from your text PLR. But you do need to use tools that are meant for creating this type of content. For example, to record audio for a podcast, you might want to use software like Audacity ( To record video, you can use Office 365’s PowerPoint, your mic and computer camera with the movie and audio add-on that lets you record voice-overs and turn the entire thing into a movie instead of slides.


If you’re nervous about using your own voice or image, don’t. You don’t have to. You can hire someone to do your voice overs as well as a spokesperson to be the face of your business a lot less expensively than you might thing. Look to and ask in your own community if anyone does this work within your budget.

Use the PLR as Your Starting Point

PLR that is well-written is also well researched. You can use that information as your starting point for your podcast, webinar, or YouTube video. For instance, if you are an advocate for the Keto Lifestyle and a Keto Coach, you may want to create a YouTube video series that gives nutritional information related to this lifestyle with one tip per video. You can start with a ten-tip blog post or even a how-to eBook to get the information for this type of video series.

The most awesome part about completely changing the media that the content is delivered in is that it is a fast way to make the information look completely brand new and unused. Once you record it, you’ll notice that you probably change a lot of the words to fit your own natural way of talking, which is going to help this program sell even more because it’s so unique.