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Lawanda Parker


LM: Tell us a little about yourself. 
LP: Hello, my name is Lawanda aka Faye I am a 41-year-old business owner.

LM: Tell us about your business. 
LP: I and my husband Michael Parker opened on April 1, 2018, More4less Grocery at 64 Bolton Avenue Alexandria La. We are a convenience store to which we cook the best fresh to order homemade hamburgers and fries.

LM: What motivated you to start MoreforLess? 
LP: We wanted to serve the community with respectful and courteous service. Since we’ve opened, we’ve done some great things in the community. In July we did the back to school supply giveaway and in December we did the bike giveaway. We will add toys this year to the giveaway. No other store that is in the same business on this side of town does this. 

LM: I think that is awesome.
What do you like most about your business?
LP: The thing I love most about this business is that we get to meet new people and help others while providing nice courteous service. The advantage of starting this business is that you can flex your schedule around anything you need to do.

LM: What do you like least?
LP: The disadvantage is having to work long hours some days. 

LM: How did you and Mike meet? I love that!!! How sweet!!
LP: Mike and I met in 1999 we both were on other agendas and time got in our way so we lost contact. In April 2010, Mike surfaced backed in the picture and asked if we could date because he really liked me a lot still and had feelings. Of course, I said yes and we been inseparable ever since!


LM: I love that!!! How sweet!!
Let’s talk family. 
When you hear the word “family” what comes to mind and how important is family to your business and career?
LP: When I hear family I think of love and support. Family is very important to our business. My family goes above and beyond and also my friends. I always feel the plan is already written! The ones who will support will and will always be there.

LM: Absolutely!! You tend to find out who is for you when you start a business or do something new.
We’ve known each other for a long time. You are my son’s aunt and have always been very supportive of Kaylon and me. For that, I thank you and will always be grateful. You have such a giving heart. What makes you want to give back that way?
LP: As you know, we share many things in common. My nephew Kaylon is always in my thoughts because no matter the distance or time lost love conquers all when its genuine. 

LM: That is so true. People truly miss that love is the key to everything.
What do you do in your leisure time?
LP: In my leisure time I have 2 teenagers who play basketball for Peabody high school. My young lady Jaraysha Smith aka Slim is 16 and a sophomore. My young man Darius Smith 18 a senior aka Dede gets all my time. I also have Deandre Smith aka Boosie a 25 year who drive trucks cross country.

LM: They are some awesome kids. They have an amazing mom!!!
Self-care is very important. What are some rituals you do for self-care?
LP: My rituals for self-care is on some weekends I pamper myself by going let my hairdresser Shalonda Fisher beautify me with the latest style.

LM: That’s great. And your hair is always on point honey. I love it. Shalonda does an excellent job.
As women, we sometimes have so much going on. How important is your mental health to you? What things do you do to preserve your mental health?
LP: My mental health is very important; some days are more stressful than others. When I feel overwhelmed I distance myself from others to give me time to regroup after saying a quick prayer.

LM: Yasss honey!! That alone time and prayer can change the world when it gets to be too much.
Name 3 influential people in your life and why. 
LP: The 3 people who are influential in my life is my mom because no matter the day or hour she is always asking what we need for the store, can she come to cook, can she come work register; she just hands down the best and for that we love her. Next, there is my sister Sherhonda Smith from 100 miles away she has been there throughout this whole entire process. Her favorite words “yall good” and for that we love her. Now this lady and her husband Mr.s Ursula Fleming Dewalt and M.r Billy has been there when we thought we wanted to do waterslide business. They stepped in without hesitation. They are the owners of Mud Bugs Party Rentals and also Glitz and Glam Boutique. Mrs. Ursula would always tell me never give up even when it gets hard. She always has positive things to say to whomever she comes in contact with and for that, we are thankful and love them. 

LM: What’s your biggest fear? 
LP: My biggest fear is not having enough resources to keep up but God has already reassured us He has us covered. 

LM: Give me 3 words, good or bad, to describe you. Would your friends and family agree?
LP: Three words to describe me are loving, caring and very thoughtful. Yes, my family, friends, and anyone I come on contact with would agree.

LM: They say we all have a theme song. What’s yours?
LP: My theme song is “She’s a Bad Mama Jama” by Carl Carlton not because of appearance but because when it’s time to get the job done they know the job will be done right. 

LM: Yasss!! I love that song. Mine is “679” by Fetty Wap. It just has a nice beat and vibe to it.
What’s next for you and MoreforLess?
LP: Our next adventure if the Lord says the same we would love to open up a neighborhood grocery store for the community. 
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our journey. The best is yet to come.

LM: You are more than welcome. It’s a blessing to be connected to someone as awesome as you and to share space and time with a mover and shaker. That is totally awesome.
So sis, tell us how do we connect with you?  

LP: We may be reached via email at and on Facebook at @moreforlessgro or call us 3187046125.

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