Lauren is an amazing friend and therapist. I met her online a few years ago and her posts helped me through a very difficult time. I’m very proud of all she’s accomplished and I’m honored to feature her here.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Michelle Jackson. I am a licensed clinical mental health therapist, life coach, speaker, and author. Being in the helping field for nearly a decade, I definitely feel I was called into this path to help women live their absolute best lives possible. I help to do so by helping them explore through their past, heal from their wounds and hold them accountable for creating and making choice the life of their dreams.

What inspired you to pursue this area?
I honestly fell into this field in my early 20s. When I came out of undergrad in 2008, I couldn’t find a job in my field of journalism to save my life due to the recession. God led me to this field because I honestly had a lot of healing to do with my dreams of being a journalist seemed fleeting and having to adjust to my new normal of life after college. On top of that, getting deeper into the field it helped me to see a lot of the personal healing I had to complete as well just from childhood and the idea of being perfectionistic in everything I did. So while I didn’t realize this was going to be my career path, God certainly knew and He ordered my steps accordingly!

What’s your most proud moment?
Hmmm, I’m honestly so appreciative of my journey that I have so many proud moments. But I think my top 3 proudest moments within my career has been hosting my first big women’s conference back in 2016 serving over 50 women in attendance. My second moment would be being inducted into the 40 Under 40 Young Women’s Professional League in my hometown of Chicago. And last but certainly not least, opening my private practice for women called Cultivate Your Essence. We have been in business for about a year and a half and it has proven to be the best decision I have ever made.

What’s next for you?
Currently, my latest endeavor includes expanding my coaching practice working with African American entrepreneurial and/or executive women that are single mothers conquering superwoman syndrome. It is my hope to help them put themselves back on their own priority list and designing a life that can both hold them accountable for chasing their dreams as mother and businesswoman but most importantly being extremely intentional about nurturing their personal lives as well.
In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I began an online support group on Facebook to help people during this time of quarantine. I and a group of colleagues have created content to help bring support, connection, education, and healthy coping skills for everyone in need during this time of isolation and social distancing.

How can readers connect with you?
I can always be followed on Facebook under Lauren Michelle Jackson or Cultivate Your Essence. Instagram under Cultivate Your Essence and SincerelyLaurenMichelle_. And beginning in April I will be launching my very own YouTube Channel entitled Sincerely Lauren Michelle as well.