I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to women and their marriages than LB. She’s an amazing friend and coach. Her heart for women and her commitment to helping them be the women God designed them to be in their relationship is awesome. I love hearing her talk about marriage and how good it can be if you’re willing to put in the work.

Who is Lakia Brandenburg?
LB is The Wife Coach and creator and instructor of the only premium six-week online masterclass that changing miserable, married women into happy, healthy and successful wives.

Tell us about your business
“All married women aren’t wives.” Read that again. I teach women who are married (or one day planning to be) how to own their ish (issues) in their relationships and show up as the woman they want to be. From communicating your needs without being needy to getting rid of the fairytale syndrome and creating a more realistic version for your marriage, my wives complete my masterclass empowered to be better and be the change they want to see in their marriage.

What inspired you to pursue this?
Who wants to be married and miserable? Marriage is what you created it to be and I wanted women to really understand how to be that “good thing” for themselves and their spouse. A lot of women are more focused on being a bride for one day and not a wife for the rest of their life, and through my services, I love to challenge them in my masterclass and through one-on-one coaching to introspect and look for ways to grow into the wife they are destined to be.

Tell us about your proudest moment.
My proudest moment to date is securing my brand and officially trademarking The Wife Coach. I started putting in real werk in 2013 by mentoring and coaching women, and I’m super proud that I stayed consistent and showed up even when I didn’t know that it would pay off in the end. Today, I can honestly say that I’m seeing the fruits of my labor, and this makes me extremely proud.

How can readers connect with you?
I’m pretty social on social media, so be sure to connect with me on IG @TheWifeCoach and say hello (I do speak back, LOL!). And to learn how you can enroll in my next masterclass, visit my site www.lakiabrandenburg.com