Meet LaJoan, a native of New Orleans LA who grew up in Marrero, LA. LaJoan always had a passion for helping others which lead her into the medical field. She has eight years of experience as a Mental Health Technician traveling to hospitals in New Orleans and surrounding areas to assist with patient care. LaJoan began her career in the Entertainment Industry in 2002 as a Manager for Local Entertainment Labels in New Orleans and surrounding areas.
Alongside Latrica Rivers, they formed Dream Management in 2008 which humbly brought her to a comfort level of success. In. 2010, LaJoan solely took over Dream Management and revamped it as a company focusing on continuously pushing the envelope for early adoption of new ideas and tactics in the lifestyle, entertainment, and new media spaces. Described as a mash-up business, Dream Management is largely a lifestyle marketing company built on inspiration, innovation, integrity, and intelligence. Over the years, LaJoan and her associates have been involved in every aspect of the industry from concert and sports promotion, marketing, business, and product development, music and film production, digital architecture and publishing, sales promotions, artist development, major event planning, multi-platform distribution, fashion design, merchandising and more.

How does it feel being a woman during this time? If you are a black woman pls answer from that perspective
It feels great. We’re finally in a position where we’re thriving and breaking the barriers for black woman in business, empowering each other, and being called on now more than ever to in several industries.

What does Women History Month mean to you?
It means to celebrate and help the next woman if you’re able to. To celebrate every milestone that you achieved to get closer to your goal or achieve your goals.

What prompted you to start your business or brand?
I wanted to do something I was passionate about and a 9 – 5 wasn’t it.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Working with major brands providing music for commercials and facilitating anything from small networking events to tours.

What advice would you give a new woman entrepreneur?
There will be hurdles but keep going. Stick to your vision and let no one get in your way.

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