I have the awesome pleasure of working with this beauty at WERK University. Koereyelle is one of the few black women I know whose mission is and always has been the empowerment and uplifting of other black women.
Koereyelle is a two-time author, award-winning entrepreneur and former educator who managed to turn her $32K teaching salary into a six-figure brand. She’s the Founder of the 1st African American woman-owned trade school in the country and is on a mission to connect women of color with the resources they need so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck.
She’s an International Speaker, Podcast Host and Edutainer who’s been featured nationally by Forbes, ESSENCE Magazine, The Huffington Post, NBC, TV One, VH1, Bravo TV and more for her empowerment projects.
Koereyelle is on a mission to help women uncover their purpose, prioritize their life and profit from their passions. Her motto is, “You already have everything you need to get everything you want, you just have to WERK for it.”

Who is Koereyelle?
Koereyelle is an advocate for her community. She’s created countless resources to educate black women on what it takes to SAVE THEMSELVES, stop living paycheck to paycheck and start living the life of their dreams.

Tell us about your business and brand.
WERK University is an online trade school for women of color who want to learn how to turn their existing skills into streams of income.

What inspired you to pursue this area?
I’ve experienced the freedom of being my own boss and I want to show other women it’s possible for them too.

What’s one piece of advice you would share with new entrepreneurs?
Spend time getting clear on what you are being called to do instead of creating what you “think” is cool or what you think will make you money. Your purpose is what will really pay you.

What’s next for Koe?
Only God knows LOL! I am excited to find out 🙂

How can readers connect with you?