Being both a woman in ministry and a full-time business owner and entrepreneur is not easy, but God has certainly given Kimberly sustainability and grace through this journey. Her journey has not been pretty, but God has certainly made it beautiful. She started off in a full-time position as an in house graphic designer. While working this job, she was also doing graphic design for personal clients. A car accident, of all things, pushed her to become a full-time entrepreneur.  After the accident, she started working from home. She realized if she can do this for someone else’s company, she could surely do this for her own business. She finally believed she could and she did. She wrote her first book Built for This: Keep Pushing, Keep Pressing, Keep Praying, that was inspired by her struggles and her drive to never give up. She turned pain into purpose.
The Konnected Organization (TKO) is the vision God gave her for ministry. It is a ministry that bridges the connection between being a woman in ministry and a woman in business.

Who is Kimberly?
Mother, Design Strategist, Author and Woman of God.

Tell us about your business.
I operate a branding agency created to achieve brand clarity and help others achieve their goals.

What’s your most proud moment?
My proudest moment was when God revealed to me that reward comes from being obedient to Him. I had been trying to do everything on my own. When I surrendered to Him, new doors started opening.

What’s an obstacle you’ve overcome and how did you do it?
My biggest obstacle was not being accountable. I was taking on too many projects and then I realized that I had to learn to say no and everyone was not my client.

How can readers connect with you?
Text “Wakeup” to 81257