This chic certainly has it going on!! JaQuanna is the fab and fierce mother of 2, full-time worker and an entrepreneur. She wears many hats and wears them well. I had the awesome pleasure of chatting with her about her family, her business and what’s next. Let’s dive in…. 

LM: Hey JaQuanna. Thanks so much for allowing me to feature you. Tell us a little about yourself. 
JC: My name is JaQuanna Smith Clark. I am 34 years old with two children, ages 10 & 8. I have been employed with the Federal Government for 11 years now. I enjoy family time, cooking and listening to music. 

LM: Tell us about your business(s). 
JC: I am the owner of Pasta 4 All Occasions which is a business focused on pasta. I am formerly a Paparazzi Star consultant which is a business selling $5 jewelry. 

LM: How did you get started with Pasta 4 All Occasions? 
JC: Pasta 4 All Occasions started unexpectedly. I would always make pasta for my friends’ events or parties. One of my friends had a karaoke birthday party in which I made pasta. A few days later I received an inbox from someone at the party inquiring about the price of a pasta pan for her birthday. I had never thought about selling the pasta but that’s how it all got started and kind of went from there. 

LM: What are some of your favorite dishes? 
JC: Some of my favorite dishes are the chicken & broccoli Alfredo and the lasagna rolls that I will be adding to the menu effective January 2019. 

LM: What’s been your largest party?
JC: The largest party that I’ve cooked for was a family reunion this past summer which consisted of about 300 people

LM: When you hear the word “family” what comes to mind?
JC: When I hear the word “family”, my children, come to mind.   

LM: How important is family to your business and career?
JC: My children mean the world to me and I have to balance time between my business, my career and my kids to ensure that I’m giving them just as much time.

LM: What do you do in your leisure time?
JC: In my leisure time I enjoy time with my friends…..conversing over drinks and food. 

LM: Self-care is very important. What are some rituals you do for self-care?
JC: Self-care is very important and for me when I look good…..I feel good. I make sure to take time out to purchase something nice for myself and get my hair done every now and then. 

LM: As women, we sometimes have so much going on. How important is your mental health to you? What things do you do to preserve your mental health?
JC: Mental health is very important and I make sure to discuss anything that I’m feeling and to not keep emotions bottled in. 

LM: Name 3 influential people in your life and why. 
JC: My mother, my cousin Yolanda Dixon and my small circle of friends. My mother because she is the type of woman I inspire to be like. My cousin Yolanda because I’ve watched her through her fitness journey and she has such strength and perseverance, and my friends because each one of them has taught me something. My group of friends are so strong and positive and we all learn things from one another.

LM: Share something that no one may know about you or that very few people know. 
JC: Something that people may not know is that I’m actually a very timid and shy person around people that I don’t know and big crowds make me nervous.

LM: What’s your biggest fear?
JC: My biggest fear is failing my children and being a disappointment to them. My role as a mother is the biggest title that I have. 

LM: Give me 3 words, good or bad, to describe you.
JC: 3 words that describe me are caring, supportive and generous. I will go out of my way to help others.

LM: They say we all have a theme song. What’s yours? 
JC: My theme song would have to be “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled because failure is not an option. 

LM: Do you have an alter ego? If so, what’s her name?
JC: I wouldn’t necessarily say I have an alter ego but there is definitely a difference between “JaQuanna” and “Quan”

LM: What’s next for you?
JC: What’s next for JaQuanna……..Whatever God has in store for me. I’m following his lead. 

LM: How do we connect with you? 
JC: I could be reached on Facebook: @Pasta4AllOccasions or by email at

LM: Thanks again for chatting with us and we will certainly catch up with you in the future.