If you are in a place in your life where you are unsatisfied yet you remain and complain, I’m judging you. You hate your job however you’re not looking for another one. You’re in a bad relationship but you stay in it. Or your money is always funny, your credit is bad and you can never do the things you would like to do. Sis, if it’s not right for you but you won’t do anything differently, then I’m judging you! I’m tired of hearing the complaints!! What has complaining done for you? Absolutely nothing!

A few months ago, I was in that same place so I get it. Fear sets in, laziness is a part of it but uncertainty hangs there as well. I was complaining about my job all the time. Every conversation I had with anyone morphed into a rant fest about this awful job. Every day I was miserable and depressed. It was literally affecting my health. In a rant one day to my Nanny Bobbie, she calmly said, “It’s apparent you hate your job. Have you prayed about it? God knows you hate it but what are you asking Him to do about it?” I had no response. Even in my prayer time, I would find myself ranting to God about this job as if He didn’t already know what was going on.

The pivotal point for me was when I was ranting to my friend about my job conditions. She let me talk and talk, even nodding her head a few times in agreement. However, when I was done, she let me have it, honey! She said, “LaKisha, I’m judging you!” I quickly said, “Why? This isn’t my fault!” She said, “To continue to go to a job every single day that you hate and not make the effort to find something better is ludacris!! You’re complaining but not doing anything about it. It may not be your fault how they are treating you but for you to stay there and take it is!” I was floored!! It was as if my friend had slapped me in the face. Yet, I knew she was right. The very same day I started making moves. I decided to move my feet so God could bless my moves.

You may be in a similar situation but you don’t have to stay there. Bust a move!!! Now, I’m not telling you to leave your job if you don’t have any viable options on the table. What I am saying is either go find some or create them! But stop complaining because I’m judging you! What’s stopping you from leaving that job, letting go of that sorry dude, or starting your own business? Turn that hobby into a side hustle and chunk that job the deuce! Realize your worth and what you deserve then tell dude, “Boy bye!” Stop tolerating things you don’t have to. Anything that you have the power to change is not worth complaining about. BUST A MOVE! Is it scary and risky? Maybe it is but is it worth it? Are you worth it? I was worth it and so are you!