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I Hate Valentine’s Day

There are several things that I absolutely hate. I hate people wasting my time. I hate the smell and taste of codfish. Oh, and I hate Valentine’s Day. I know you’re thinking I hate it because I’m single or that I’ve been badly hurt in a relationship. Both are true but I hated Valentine’s Day when I was married and in relationships. It’s the most ridiculous thing to celebrate; one day that you show the most love to someone special when you should actually be doing it every day of the year.

So I did my research and found out that Valentine’s Day didn’t even start out with these huge celebrations we do. Emperor Claudius II didn’t want his Roman soldiers married because he thought single soldiers made the best soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and secretly married them anyway. When the Emperor found out, he had him jailed and executed. So see the first instance of Valentine’s Day was death!

Then the holiday evolved and the church made it a Christian holiday with celebrations. Over time it’s just turned into an expensive commercialized holiday that truly has no meaning if you don’t celebrate your special person daily. Americans spend thousands every year buying flowers that die, expensive candy and cards that are thrown away.

There is also this expectation when in a relationship that you celebrate that day. I want to be celebrated every day. I’m not saying I need or want flowers and candy every day but the small gestures mean so much such as saying I love you or asking about my day.

Maybe one day I will participate in the celebrating of Valentine’s Day. Cupid better have a very big arrow to convince me it’s worth celebrating. Until then I’ll continue hating the holiday.

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