Tackling difficult projects is a natural part of life. It could be a project at work, a home improvement project, or a personal project. Whatever the case, it can be easy to become lax in regard to your health when your focus is diverted to the project. It may take extra effort, but it is essential that you still take care of your health, especially while working on a difficult project.

Take Breaks

It can be tough to take breaks when you have deadlines to meet. You may feel like breaks take valuable time away from your project and are therefore a waste of time. It’s actually the opposite though. The human mind can only stay focused for so long before you start to lose effectiveness. Breaks don’t have to be very long. Even something as simple as taking a couple minutes to stand up, stretch, and look away from your workstation for a while can be enough to help you refocus and be more efficient. If you aren’t quite sure how to structure your breaks, try using the Pomodoro method to organize your schedule.

Watch Out of Symptoms of Stress

Difficult projects often result in significant levels of stress. Stress is harmful to your health, especially if experienced for a prolonged period of time. Keep an eye out for symptoms of severe stress. Nausea, insomnia, low energy, headaches, and even hair loss are signs of stress that should be addressed. Instead of looking for the meaning of your symptoms, you can use sites like WebMD to find doctors in your area.

Stay Active

One of the reasons why prolonged periods of stress is so bad for you is that the hormones produced by your body’s stress response are meant to be burned up in a flight-or-fight situation. It doesn’t matter that there isn’t actually a threat that warrants such a response. The body does it anyway. When left unprocessed, these hormones can do extensive damage to your body over time. Fortunately, exercise helps process those hormones, eliminating them from your system. Stay active to help manage your stress and protect your health.

Taking care of your health is essential if you’re going to bring your best to the table when working on a difficult project. Make sure you take breaks periodically, watch out for symptoms of stress, and stay active. You’ll have more energy and be less likely to burn out if you take proper care of yourself.

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