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How to Reduce the Taxes You Pay in Your Business

Needing to pay significant business taxes is one of the most frustrating parts of running a business. These costs add up quickly and can end up costing your business a significant sum. To help reduce the taxes you pay in your business, consider the following tips.

Use Retirement Accounts

Investing some of your income into a retirement account can help you save thousands of dollars on taxes. Any contributions that are put into a retirement account are tax-free, so you can invest the full amount without having to worry about taxation. There are several types of retirement accounts that can be beneficial for you. Investing money into these accounts allows you to pay significantly less in taxes. This is also beneficial for more than just paying less in taxes. Having a significant sum in your retirement account gives you a much higher retirement account balance when you do retire.

Choose Your Structure Carefully

Another way to reduce the taxes you pay in your business is to choose the structure of your business carefully. Different business structures require different types and levels of taxation. Pass-through entities allow you to avoid double taxation. Many business owners find the most success and ease with LLC. An LLC, or limited liability corporation, helps you pay less in taxes and can also help protect your business assets. In the event that you run into legal or financial trouble, structuring your business as an LLC allows you to protect the important assets of your business.

Maximize Deductions

As a business owner, you have the unique ability to deduct many expenses from your taxes. Keeping track of any business expenses that you incur throughout the year leaves you better able to maximize your deductions when tax seasons come. Any expense that comes up from your business, such as advertising, software, legal fees, and even entertainment expenses can all be deducted from your business’ taxes. If you keep a careful record of all these expenses, you’ll potentially be able to save yourself thousands on your business’ taxes every year. There are many software programs you can invest in that can help you keep track of these deductible expenses.


There are many ways that your money has to be split as a business owner. One of the most inconvenient costs you have to consider is your business’ taxes. Taxes are a necessary part of running a business, but there are ways to help yourself pay less than you would otherwise. Integrate these tips to help you pay less on your taxes.

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