When you buy PLR content, you want to use it as soon as possible. If you at least get it into your system and process and on a schedule once you purchase it, you can be sure that your content marketing efforts using PLR will be a lot more effective mainly because it gets done.

Batch the Work

Set up a process for dealing with the PLR you buy and download that includes batching. For example, don’t edit and publish each post separately. Edit a batch of ten posts in one sitting for facts, then the next time for grammar, then the next time for keywords. When you batch like work with like work, it goes a lot faster, and you’re more likely to get it done without confusion and the interruption of multitasking.

Upload as Drafts

You can quickly upload drafts to your WordPress blog so that you or your editor can go in and edit for SEO, add images, and more, right in the system. Plus, by spending time uploading and doing nothing else, you eliminate mistakes and multitasking that gets in the way of success.

Edit Titles, Headers, and Subheadings

When you use PLR blogs, you can often use them as they are without any changes. However, most of the time, you’re going to want to change the titles, headers, subheadings, and so forth to better match your keyword strategy and your brand voice. Editing at least these things will help you get closer to that without editing anything else if you choose not to.

Add Complementary and Telling Images and Graphics

One way to upgrade PLR fast is to add images and graphics to the content that helps advance the understanding of the information or draws interest. For example, if you have a data-centric blog post, you can add a graph that helps your audience understand the content at a glance.

Factcheck the Stats and Facts

If you edit nothing else, always check the stats and facts to ensure they are up to date and accurate. Sometimes PLR is perfect except for that one thing. Look up the numbers when mentioned, look up anything that you don’t know 100 percent for sure so that you only publish accurate information.

Pull Out the Facts and Stats to Use

When you’re updating the stats and facts, take the time to create a file of quotes from the information that you can now use in your graphics, memes, and social media updates. Add this information to your spreadsheet so you can track it.

Add a CTA

No matter the type of content you’re publishing, whether it’s a downloadable eBook or a blog post, you should be thinking about what you want the consumer to do next. When you know what you want them to do, that’s your call to action. Don’t skip it, whether it’s to read more, download something, or buy now, always include something for your audience to do next.

Schedule Everything Realistically

When you set up your process, make sure you set up the schedule realistically. It’s best practice to try to blog almost every single day, but that doesn’t mean you have to schedule the work daily. Instead, you can work on blog posts every Monday, upload, and prepare them for the rest of the week or even do a month at a time, depending on the type of schedule you’re working with.

The truth is that most people who buy PLR don’t use it. This gives you an enormous opportunity to put all the PLR you buy into circulation as soon as possible so you can reap the most benefit from it. Even though it’s PLR, since few who buy it get it into circulation, you’re going to be way ahead of most by setting up your plan to implement and doing it.