Social media is nothing less than essential in the modern world. Without a basic understanding of why and how social media is effective it is highly unlikely you will find profound marketing success. But with the right tools and savvy attitude, you can turn these free platforms into self-sufficient communities of customers that do the advertisement work for you.

Produce Interesting Content

People don’t want to read boring material! It may seem obvious, but this simple fact seems to elude many brands and even big companies. Make sure your content promotes your service or product in such a way that it is informative and invites the consumer to keep exploring. Ask yourself, if you were scrolling along a site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, what content would make you stop and look? How would it need to be expressed or styled?

Create Great Visuals

At the end of the day, all social media are versions of a visual platform. People simply love eye candy. That means that social media is a great way to create and promote an aesthetic for your company. What is the image you want to promote? How do you want the customer to feel when thinking about your company? (e.g. excited, relaxed) Come up with a style guide for yourself based on that aesthetic – and you can start by picking a color palette and consistent fonts for your graphics. The digital visual studio Canva is a great free resource for this. Don’t forget – a simple logo is best for improving engagement with your brand.

Show Your Personality

When it comes to social media, companies are often their own worst enemy. Many times, they try to be too professional or formal and it comes across to the consumer as stale and fake. Of course, maintaining a baseline of professionalism is a must – but remember that social media is ultimately for entertainment. Don’t be afraid to let the human side of your brand show! For example, you can be funny and create memes in ways that are relevant to your service or product. You can also interact directly with customers with likes and comments, and by doing so you will show an unusually high level of care and attention.

It is undoubted that social media has changed the face of global society, and that inevitably means that it has changed business as well. But that is a good thing! Now, you can advertise, interact, and spread your brand like never before; just make sure to stick out in all the best ways.

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