Sometimes, you need to make a big reveal, but don’t quite know how. Business reveals can be especially important – affecting numerous employees and their families. Here are some ways you can go about making a big announcement so that your company and community are aware.

Write a Press Release

Press releases are great because they’re simple. You can directly let people know through local media about what exactly is going on. The document will provide a simple, clear explanation to readers, as well as provide contact information to answer questions and field inquiries. In a way, a press release for a big, exciting change also works as advertising, spreading the word and raising awareness for this exciting new chapter in the story of your company.

Hold an Event

An event would be a bit more complicated but would likely raise a lot more awareness. Events have a draw that brings people in. That might be free food, it might be free merch, it might be activities or items that can be sold for fundraising purposes – but regardless, it’s probably going to get a lot more attention. When planning, make sure you have a clear vision of who the event is for. Kids? Adults? Potential or returning customers? Tailor your event to cater to that group of people. Make sure that your announcement is heard at the absolute peak of activity in a way that is simple and clear so that people understand what’s happening. Make sure that you have all the event details ironed out – an in-person event requires the right equipment to make it go smoothly.

Use Social Media

While a press release can certainly get the news out there, social media is where the real traction is. Every modern marketing expert will tell you that social media is the key to advertising and has been for several years. You should have a corporate account on several platforms that can be used for spreading the word. Social media definitely can have a fun, personalized nature to it that is not found in official press releases, so that can work to your advantage.

Change is a good thing. It means growth. So, be excited! You probably shouldn’t use any of these suggestions for big changes that could potentially be taken badly, like layoffs and the like. But when something comes along that should excite everyone, plan for it well and celebrate with your community.

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