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How to Look Great for Professional Headshots

You can run a household and a business, stand up in front of a crowd of people and speak for an hour, answer hundreds of emails every day, and manage your employees without breaking a sweat. So why does getting a professional headshot feel so daunting? Whether getting your picture taken is a joy or a necessary evil, there are ways to make sure your headshot turns out fabulous. 

Decide on a Hairstyle

Unlike those glamor shots popular in the 80s, your headshot should actually look like you. Your hair should styled in a way you also wear in your day-to-day. You want people to be able to recognize you from your picture. While a twisted updo or a high bun is slimming, braids are flattering and versatile for styling. Because headshots are so close up, you will want to tame any flyaways and babyhairs with hairspray or you favorite gel. And don’t color your hair just before your photography session. Give it a week or so to cure, so that it can look more natural and not have any spots of dye staining your scalp.. 

Use Teeth Whitening Treatments

When people see your headshot, their eyes will be naturally drawn to your smile. You don’t want dingy, discolored teeth to become a distraction. Whitening treatments work great to remove any staining and discoloration that has occurred over the years. Your dentist can whiten your teeth in-office, but home treatments can be just as effective. There are whitening gel trays available over the counter, or you can use ingredients lying around the house. Brushing with a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can naturally whiten your teeth. Just be sure to start about 2-4 weeks before your headshot session, as it takes some time to get the maximum results.

Apply Headshot Makeup

While your goal is to look as much like you normally do as possible, some makeup applications don’t work well for a headshot. Avoid heavy eyeliner, highly-reflective SPF creams, shiny lip gloss, and thick powders. You also want to avoid anything with added glitter, such as shimmery blush, bronzer, or lipstick. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and is well-blended. Your makeup should accentuate your natural beauty, without calling attention to itself. Opt for neutral colors. 

Most of all, have fun with your headshot! No makeup or hairstyle can rival bright, happy eyes and a genuine smile. And no makeup or hairstyle can compensate when either of those is lacking. Be sure to hire a photographer who helps you feel comfortable, confident, and at ease. Remember, you are beautiful, but your headshot is there to reflect the amazing person that you are on the inside. 

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