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How to Be a Stronger Leader at Your Business

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When you own a business, you want to make sure you are a leader in addition to being a boss. It is your responsibility to guide your employees, offer them support, and create a positive work experience for them. 

Making small adjustments to how you run things can help you become a stronger leader. 

Communicate Regularly 

Proper communication is the key to running a business smoothly. As the owner, you need to be the one who initiates good communication. Make sure everyone understands what channels of communication to use. Be clear on your expectations for communication. 

Additionally, you need to be regularly communicating with your employees. This communication can include sending out important information, providing constructive feedback, or even just checking in with employees and the projects they’re working on. When you communicate well and often, your employees will feel more comfortable communicating with you in turn. You set an example and you demonstrate your skills as a leader. 

Mentor Young Employees 

A great way to build your skills as a leader is by working with young employees and helping them grow more comfortable and capable within their field. When starting out in a job or career, it’s common to feel uncertain or even underqualified. Mentors can serve as stable adults in the lives of teens struggling to succeed. 

While mentoring, start by asking what your employees most want to work on and helping them create goals. Offer them advice. Check in with them. You can also connect them with other employees who can help them learn the necessary skills for their specific job. 

Ask For Feedback 

You can’t effectively lead if you don’t know what your employees think, need, or want. To be a strong leader, you need to turn to the people you’re leading and ask them what would best help them. Allow your employees to provide you with feedback. This will let you know how you can improve as a leader and it shows your employees that you value them and their opinions. They will respect you as a leader more and they will be more willing to follow you. Make it clear that you are open to feedback and provide ways for your employees to give you feedback.

In order to be a stronger leader, you need to make your employees a priority. Find ways to connect with them and build a culture that allows them to work well. As you work on your leadership skills, create goals for yourself and work on a few skills at a time. 

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