Everyone encounters various health issues throughout their life, but many of them pass after some time. If you have enduring health issues, it can begin to impact all areas of your life including your career. 

If you understand what issues have a big effect on your career, you can learn how to address them. 

Mental Health Issues 

Mental health is often an unseen problem. There often aren’t any physical signs and it can be easy for you to conceal. However, mental health issues can quickly start to negatively impact your career. If you suffer from depression, it can make it harder to feel motivated and your performance can decline. 

Anxiety can make it harder to show up, take chances, or even do basic tasks at work. If you don’t address any mental health issues, they continue to get worse and your career can end up suffering. You need to learn how to cope with your mental health struggles and get treatment when necessary. Learning to live with mental illness can help you keep it from negatively affecting you. 

Chronic Illness 

A chronic illness is any condition that is long-lasting and requires continued care. This can include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and more. There are even some less common illnesses you may encounter. Lyme disease is one of the many illnesses that ticks carry

Since chronic illnesses are ongoing, they can slowly begin to affect your work. Some conditions can get worse and require more medical attention. You might need to take more time off of work to care for yourself or go to the doctor. If your chronic illness is becoming a bigger part of your life, you may need to adjust your job so you can still work without it being negatively affected.


Some injuries heal quickly, but others take a long time before things begin to get back to normal. If you have a lingering injury, it can make it harder to perform some tasks at work due to pain or lack of mobility. Injuries can even keep you from work. For example, if you break your leg and typically work on your feet, then you may need to take a break from your job for a while to heal. Injuries are unpredictable, but you have to find ways to deal with them and help them get better. If you are injured, talk with your employer about some options. They may make adjustments so you can work while injured. 

It’s important that you take care of yourself, but it can be hard to find a balance between your health and your career. Know how certain health issues can impact your work and make adjustments accordingly. In some cases, it may be best to switch career paths so you can make your health more of a priority. 

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