Handwritten thank-you notes are a thoughtful and personal way to express gratitude. I think they are more personable than an email or text. I think more people like getting handwritten thank-you notes because the person sending them actually took time to write them and mail them. I see several benefits of handwritten thank-you notes.

Handwritten Cards Are More Personal
One of the most significant benefits of a thank you cards handwritten is that it feels much more personal than a thank you message sent through email or text. Handwritten notes can take some time and when someone receives a handwritten thank you card, it feels like a gift. It shows the effort you put into choosing the card, writing the message, and addressing and sending the envelope.

They Show You Care
Sending a handwritten thank you card shows that you care about the person or organization that you’re thanking. It takes time and effort to write out a card by hand, and that effort communicates the message that you value the relationship and appreciate the person’s contribution or support. A handwritten thank you card also demonstrates that you took the time to reflect on the specific impact that the person had on you, which can be especially meaningful.

They Are More Memorable
Handwritten thank you cards are more memorable. Emails and texts can be easily forgotten or deleted, but a physical card is something that the recipient can hold onto and display. It’s a tangible reminder of your gratitude and your relationship with the person, and it can serve as a positive touchpoint in the future.

They’re More Impactful
Finally, handwritten thank you cards have a greater impact than other forms of communication. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with digital messages, a handwritten card stands out as something really special. The recipient is more likely to feel appreciated and valued when they receive a handwritten thank you card, which can help to strengthen your relationship and build goodwill.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to sending handwritten thank you cards. So next time you’re thinking of thanking someone, consider sending a handwritten card – it’s a small gesture that can make a big impact.