Merriam-Webster defines a friend as “one attached to another by affection or esteem; one that is not hostile, a favored companion”. Think of all the people you may consider or actually call your friend. Does this definition truly apply to them or to the relationship you may have with them? I think if you looked closely it doesn’t. We use this word to loosely and don’t make people we meet actually earn this title.

Real friendships are genuine and loving. Both people, although different, have one common goal and that is to love and care for each other as well as lookout for each other’s best interests. Friends don’t mind having your back but true friends don’t mind checking you on your ish!!!!

I don’t believe friends have to talk every day or even hang out every weekend. I think some of the best friendships are those where the individuals don’t communicate daily But when they do talk or get together it’s like they never missed a beat.

Friendships are essential to our lives. A critical life skill is the ability to establish and maintain strong friendships. Friendships can improve our health and longevity. They lift us up in joy and comfort us in sorrow. Friendships can help us develop boundaries and skills that parlay into other relationships such as business or romantic. Strong friendships are a critical aspect of most people’s emotional well-being. They can bolster against loneliness, decrease anxiety, and improve one’s physical health.

Life itself can be very hard. But going through it with someone else can make it very easy. True and meaningful friendships are a must and should be honored. Finding someone whom you can trust and depend on is a beautiful thing. We just have to make sure the people we have in the role of friend are fit to be there.