Here’s a quick money-making idea for you to use that you can start today using private label rights content. Create a niche website. Fill the niche website with content, create an informational product for sale, then set up an email list and opt-in funnel and let it build up traffic, develop list members, and income via ads and sale of the product that you created using PLR. Let’s look at how this will work.

• Choose Your Content – The first thing you’ll want to do is find the right content to use to build the new website you want to flip. The best sites are very narrow in focus. Take the time to create an ideal customer avatar for the site so you can choose the right type of content to work. You’ll need blog post content, website content, and product creation content.

• Create an Informational Product – Using the topic that you determined, create an informational product using PLR. You can rebrand anything you find to fit the branding on the website you want to create. You’ll need a cover image, inside graphics and images, and companion information like checklists, workbooks, and so forth to flesh out the full product offer.

• Set Up a Keyword Rich Domain Name – Once you’ve picked the audience and know what niche, you can choose a domain name that includes the right keywords. This is always going to work better if the domain name ends with dot com, and the shorter, the better so that it’s easy to spell and remember.

• Host the Site With a Good Web Host – Choose a web host that makes it easy for you to transfer a website to a new owner. You don’t want anything holding up the transfer once you make the sale.

• Add an Email Autoresponder – Set up an autoresponder too. Start a new account that you can sell to the new owner. Check with the terms of service of the software you’re choosing to sign up for in the name of the website. This means, of course, that you should create a branded email address for the site too.

• Set Up Your Site on Self-Hosted WordPress Using a Free or Premium Theme – You can make more money if you set it up on a premium theme. You can buy developer licenses relatively inexpensively for self-hosted WordPress premium themes, but make sure it’s not hard to transfer the license to the new owner.

• Set Up Google Ads – You’ll want to set up Google Ads using your own Google Ads account. This won’t transfer, but they can insert their own. Provide directions to the buyer to change out this information so that ads delivered are then making them money instead of you.

• Include SEO – Don’t skip the important factors in website building like search engine optimization so that you get lots of organic traffic without too much marketing and pushing out the content.

• Set Up Promotion Automation – Yu want to promote this site as much as you can to get more traffic to fill out the stats you use to sell the website. For example, you can set up a broadcast, and a 365-day autoresponder series, and other automation that will be beneficial to the buyer.

• Promote and Build Traffic — Once you have finished the site, your only job is to promote it, keep adding more content to it, and let it build up traffic and income before you put it up for sale.

• List Site for Sale – Once you get the site to a certain level that you wanted it to be at, you can now start letting people know that it’s for sale. There are many online flip sites that you can list it at, but you can also state right on the site that it’s for sale too and promote it that way. You can even send sales information to the people who buy the product and join the list.

Flipping websites is a great way to create a business in a box for your customers. You can create all sorts of niche sites for others to take over and run with your instructions. Most websites can sell for up to 36 times the monthly revenue you’ve produced. If you build the site up to make $500 a month, you can turn around and sell it for as much as $18,000 to the right buyer. Since your investment is so low, this is really a no-brainer way to make money today online.