When you buy PLR to use in your content marketing, to create new products, or to use in any way, it will make it even more useful to you if you’re willing to change it up to make it more your own. You don’t have to do it, but it is a great way to get more out of the PLR that you buy.

Tip#1: Change the Title

No matter how good the title is of the PRL you purchased, changing the title to fit more with your audience and your purpose, will make a huge difference in whether they buy it or not. Titles are important because they need to explain to your audience what the purpose of consuming the content you’re promoting is and makes them curious enough to buy, download it, and use it.

Tip#2 Replace the Graphics

From the cover, to the information inside, graphics, and images help brand your work as yours. Changing the images and graphics used inside the PLR that you buy to fit your brand helps advance the understanding of the information to your audience, and to make it look more unique. Add charts, graphs, fonts, and images that bring the content to life for your audience.

Tip #3 Check the Tone to Match Your Brand Voice

As a business, you have your own unique brand voice that you will need to ensure shows up in the content you deliver to your audience. By going through the content and changing the words to better match your brand voice, you’ll ensure that the content feels valuable to your audience. After all, they like how you do things, so they want to know your way, and you can make sure they get that by matching the brand voice to the content.

Tip #4 Add in Examples and Proof

You can make any PLR content better by simply adding in examples and proof of concept by adding examples to it. You can do this by including testimonials, or case studies and interviews from those who have used the method to be successful.

Tip # 5 Never Forget Your CTA

Of course, you should always remember to tell them what to do next when they’ve consumed the content. That is your CTA. You develop a CTA based on the purpose of the content you’re sharing with your audience. Creating strong CTAs is imperative, so if you have content out there right now without a CTA, go add it now.

If all you do is these five things to each piece of PLR that you purchase, you’ll be ahead of the crowd, and it will pay off. The truth is that most people buy PLR and don’t get around to using it at all. If you set up a system and process to accomplish these five things and schedule it for publication or sale, you’ll be ahead of most and more successful too.