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Factors That Impact Your Job Prospects These Days

Factors That Impact Your Job Prospects These Days

Our world is a dynamic sphere of modernity – and whether we like it or not, the landscape of the job market is rapidly evolving. The conventions of five, ten, twenty or fifty years ago are all radically different from today’s expectations of the employer. So, here are some modern factors to keep in mind!

How Much You Hop Around

It is true that the expectations of the career world have varied greatly from the antiquated view of the previous generation. No longer is it common for a person to stay at the same company for fifty years. In fact, the average adult changes jobs twelve times over their lifetime. On a micro level, however, employers want to see that you’re committed to a reasonable extent. If your job history reflects a difficulty to stay employed for more than a couple months, that will certainly give pause to whoever is reviewing your resume. Obviously, certain circumstances are unavoidable – but be ready to give an appropriate explanation as needed.

Your Social Media Presence

This one is the classic downfall of the modern employee. More and more, social media is becoming an important, active, and personal facet of our lives. About half of all employers will screen your social media accounts before deciding to hire you. If you have material that is vulgar, political, or offensive in any way, that could seriously endanger your job prospects. Even just an inappropriate post can cause problems if the potential job is held to a certain level of professionalism. The tone of your social media, and how you comment and interact on the posts of others can make a big difference. Don’t hesitate to clean up your social media history before applying for a job – deleting it entirely is an option as well.

Previous Workplace Behavior

Companies, employers, and HR departments keep track of problems, behaviors, and complaints about an individual. If you have a track record of saying insensitive things or treating co-workers badly, that is something that will be recorded. Those reviewing your job application may call your previous employers to gather recommendations or verbal confirmation of employment. You need to put in the effort to be thoughtful and sensitive now, so that future job searches will be helped by your past employers instead of hurt by them.

Job searching can be a harrowing and stressful task – but most things worth doing are harrowing and stressful. If you prepare well, and are aware of what employers are looking for, there should be nothing to worry about. Be confident!

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