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Why Do We Choose F-boys?

F-boys aren’t easy to spot. They look just like the good guy. It’s not until much later, like after you’ve fallen for him, that you discover the guy you’re dealing with is no good. When we discover this we still stick around. Why?

The clown I dated was definitely a f-boy. He was a narcissistic clown that only thought of himself. Although short-lived, he played my emotions like a fiddle and had me thinking for a while that I was the problem. He would break up with me over the slightest thing and I never knew when it would happen. We’d be having a convo and it goes left. Next thing I know he’s pulling out the “this ain’t gonna work” card and leaving. This clown was so bad that one time he broke up with me via text by sending a song; Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be”. Who does that? A f-boy that’s who!

F-boys will exist until the end of time and girls will keep falling for them but you don’t have to. When the signs appear, run Forest run!!! I read an online article at Cosmopolria that listed some really great signs to watch for. (

F-boys are hurtful and dismissive. They have little to no ambition. They really don’t put effort into seeing you. And they only contact you when they’re bored or horny. They are not worth the time nor the energy. You deserve more than having someone play with your feelings. Please don’t waste your time and energy hoping he will come to his senses. He won’t until he’s ready to.

Know your worth and move on quickly from this type of guy. It’s not easy once your feelings are involved but you can’t allow someone to treat you that way. The right guy will come along and you’ll know it because he’ll be the opposite of all these signs.



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