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Top 5 Online Event Hosting Mistakes

The online eventing space is still a unique space to some. It’s advantageous to host online events for your brand or business. Although similar to in-person events, they are not the same. They do have some of the same elements, however the way you host each type of event varies. In my years as both in-person and online event, I have seen some mistakes that could result in your online event not being successful. Here I share the top 5 online event hosting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Trying to replicate an in-person event

You can’t use the same strategy for virtual events that is used for in-person events. You must closely consider your audience and what they need. Eliminate things that may only work in-person such as networking rooms, long presentations and empty Q&A’s.

How to Avoid This

Not Setting Event Goals

You must have a purpose for your event. Your goals must be in alignment with your overall company’s goals and objectives. Think about what you want your attendees to leave with; consider the experience you want them to have.

How to Avoid This

Poor Planning

Online events can be tricky. They require a lot of coordination and organization. You must ensure all elements are present for your event to be successful. Start early with your planning and solidify every detail as soon as possible.

How to Avoid This

Choosing the Wrong Online Event Platform

This could make or break your event and leave the attendee with a bad experience. The platform you choose is the stage for your event. Consider your event goals and whether or not the platform features align with those goals. Keep in mind that no online platform is perfect. They all have limitations. Just make sure that the limitations of the one you choose doesn’t affect your event performance.

How to Avoid This

Not Understanding Tech

There is a shift from in-person to online event. I cannot stress enough that they are not the same. You will need some basic knowledge of tech in order to have a great event. Not all online platforms are the same so you must know what works for the one you chose.

How to Avoid This

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