Engaging with an audience is by far the most important part of an online event. If you don’t want to engage with an audience, then hosting an online event is not for you. Guests attend an online event for the content and to be part of something as it is happening. They want to feel like they are involved and make an impact in some way.

Hosting online events help establish your credibility, trust, and authenticity as a brand, business, and streamer. Thus, making you more relatable and someone people want to watch. When you know how to engage your audience, you can expect better results and success as an online event host.

These tips will help you engage your online event audience.

Be Authentic

Don’t try to be someone you are not. Over time it can not only be obvious to your attendees but hard for you to keep up. The content quality will suffer, and you won’t enjoy the process.

Start with An Introduction

Recognize your attendees throughout the whole process but especially from the start. Don’t just jump into your main content and ignore them completely. Online event content is not the same as pre-recorded videos. The interaction and engagement attendees get from live videos are why they are there. Please take a moment to communicate information and introduce yourself before you get fully started.

Close with A Call-To-Action

Before you end your online event, you want the attendees to become your loyal audience. To do this, develop a call-to-action that you know they will complete but can get their attention in the future. Ask them to follow your other social media pages or join your newsletter for a couple of examples. The more you ask your followers to do something, the more likely your audience will grow. This is because so many of them want to support you. They just don’t know how until you tell them.

Incorporate Interactive Viewer Content

Find a way to use your viewers in your content live. For example, if you are trying to teach them a certain concept, ask them a question first. Find out what their most common problem is and answer it first. Then continue with your planned content. Hooking your audience in and getting them interested will ensure they keep tuning in. Not only that, but It also makes them feel like they are involved or part of the presentation. Making them feel important and valued works.

Recognize Them by Name

Recognize your audience by name and be as personal as you can while talking to each individual. This makes your audience feel special, unique, and important to you and your audience as well. Making them want to stay, join the community and be more active.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go live. First, don’t ignore your audience or rely on them to entertain you or everyone else. Engagement and quality content is your job and the reason you will be successful.