On this Father’s Day, I reflect on my father, Vandy Williams, Jr. He was a great father and a true man of God. He taught me so much and I love him for that.

Most people don’t know but he was not my biological father. He’s actually my brother’s father.  But he didn’t treat me any differently. Daddy was cool and had swag. He treated me like a princess and I never went through anything because of him and Mom.

When most men don’t even take care of their children, here is a man who took care of someone else’s. I will never forget how he loved me and how proud he would say he was of me.

My daddy was a preacher and knew the word like the back of his hand. I loved our talks about the Bible and how things were applicable to whatever situation I brought to him.

Although he’s deceased, I still honor him today.


Thank you Daddy for being a perfect example of a man and a father. Thank you for taking care of me as your own and loving me as your daughter. I miss you terribly but I know I’ll get to see you one day. Kiss Mama and Grandma for me. 😘😘