I’ve never seen anyone as passionate about helping others as Whittney is. She is the best at coming up with ideas and solutions on the fly. I mean look she created an entire app! How many of you know an app developer? I’m so glad I do.

Who is Whittney?
Hey hey!! I’m your entrepreneurial homegirl! I AM Whittney, a full-time entrepreneur & mommy …and a black girl with an App! Lol, I’m just a CEO out here Helping people multiply their money, teaching life’s laws, speaking on platforms and doing GODS WORK!
I’m somebody who found out What I am passionate about. I’m walking in my purpose and have finally unwrapped my gift. Using experience and what I know…I developed COACH WHITTNEY coaching & consulting.

Tell us about your business and brand.
My brand is ME! I’m the CEO that you know! Through coaching and speaking, and now with an App, I’m excited to help people THRIVE out here financially & and enjoy themselves.
I literally coach people on the skills they’re already great at and help them create a game plan to monetize them. Where I live society is built on capitalism so with the creation of courses, amazing communities and now the iVipp app I’m able to show people how to add another stream of income through their lifestyle, business, and dope experiences.
I teach the simple concept of CASH- ASSET-CASH. No matter if we are literally talking about Cash, Manifesting, Social Media or my App. Let’s take some money or energy because I believe money is a high-frequency tool, buy build or grow an asset, and invest that money/energy and put it to work. Exactly what I did to Execute the iVipp App and the services we provide. We have to learn how to invest and we have to start with ourselves, our ideas, our businesses and most importantly or Mindset! I believe manifestation is the key to create the life you need and I believe money is the tool.
I’ve been blessed and fortunate to be able to break down things in a simple way for people to understand and believe to develop a lifestyle they can monetize by just living!
I get fulfilled with excitement to see breakthroughs in people’s personal life, businesses, and INCOME.
Being myself is what literally sets me apart. I don’t do all the rah-rah, WE WORK and get RESULTS with the app we create a way to enjoy the fruits to all that, at the same time making residual income!
What sets me apart, is setting apart my clients in their industry. And let’s be real… authenticity: you know it when you see it.

Share with us your most proud moment.
My most proud moment… wow I have so many, I’m proud of myself, my team and my clients… I think the moment the iVipp App hit the App Store. I was at American Deli and I got the alert. I had to cry a thug tear as I put lemon pepper seasoning on my fries lol

What’s next for you?
Next for me is taking over and delivering the ultimate VIP exclusive experiences! Lol! My main focus right now is iVipp and taking it worldwide. Becoming the #1 Luxury Lifestyle VIP Concierge App. You will still see me out here gracing stages, podcasts, and events doing God’s work still talking about finances and manifestation at the same time I’m going to be most focused on the iVipp App and breaking into the women in the tech industry.

How can readers connect with you?
We are the go-to app for VIP experiences, definitely download the iVipp app, you can connect with me personally at www.CoachWhittney.com
social media @CoachWhittney / @iVippGlobal
Email: coachwhittney@gmail.com