Check out my interview with Christina Simmons owner of Heavenly Beginnings

LM: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
CS: My name is Christina and I’m a self-taught avid crafter.

LM: Tell us about your business.
CS: I design and create custom t-shirts.

LM: What prompted you to start your business?
CS: I started my business after experiencing the worst heartache imaginable to me. After years of searching for my birth mother, my prayers were answered. The joy I felt was indescribable, but that was short-lived when I finally meet her and she denied my existence. Talk about being devastated, heartbroken and defeated. I cried on the shoulders of my Aunt who told me to wipe my tears and look at everything that I accomplished in life without her and how I couldn’t and shouldn’t let this incident overshadow all that I have and do. That’s how I came up with the hashtag #unbothered; no matter what happens or what anyone says about me; I can’t and won’t let that stop me from living life on my own terms.

LM: Have you always aspired to be an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
CS: No, I never aspired to be an entrepreneur, but I always knew I had a gift that could generate income. My hesitation in becoming an entrepreneur was fear of not being good enough. I was was my worst critic and caught up in worrying about what other people would think instead of paying attention to that nagging feeling of just do it.

LM: What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?
CS: The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the creative advantages of doing everything your way.

LM: What’s the worst part of being an entrepreneur?
CS: The worst part of being an entrepreneur is finding that work-life balance.

LM: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur?
CS: My advice to a new entrepreneur is to believe in you and your abilities no matter what, don’t give up or give in based on someone else’s opinion, and begin where you’re at not where you want to be. Perfection will come overtime because perfectionist doesn’t exist. Not everything will be perfect and you will experience difficult situations. My advice would be to handle it head-on, recognize the issue, and don’t be afraid to seek advice, but only from someone who has the knowledge and not Mrs./Ms. Girl If I Was You; you will meet a lot of them during your journey.

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