Your online event platform matters! Repeat after me!! Your online event platform matters so much when deciding to host an event. Producing a high-quality, professional event, whether it’s online or in-person, requires a lot of hard work, organization, and attention to detail. Hosting an online event requires an online event platform. That platform could include event registration, communication, the creation of personas or avatars, polling/surveys, and social media distribution. You must choose the best online event platform, one to facilitate the purpose of your event just as you would choose the perfect in-person event venue or you will lose your attendee.

When choosing an online event platform, there are 7 things you must consider before choosing an online event venue.


Find out if there are any fees to use the platform. Consider these fees:

    • Subscription fees, whether monthly or annually
    • Setup costs
    • Processing fees
    • Streaming fees
    • If fees can be passed on to attendees


If branding your event is important to you, then you must choose a platform with branding features. You may want to include your logo and brand colors to give your guests a seamless experience.


Having a great support team is imperative in the virtual event realm. That team, outside of your virtual planning team, should be accessible during your entire event process, from beginning to end.
You will want to consider:

      • Hours of operation
      • Chat feature on their site
      • Dedicated support person


  • Capturing the Event

    If you want to re-purpose your event, then the platform you choose must have the capabilities to record for future purposes.
    You should always choose a platform that allows you to document and distribute your event after it’s over.

Streaming Software
Your platform may have a streaming option which makes things easy. But if not make sure that outside streaming services, such as StreamYard or Restream are compatible.

If your platform does your payment processing, make sure you know when you will be paid.
Having access to your funds when you need them is important.

This virtual space is still new to most of us, but your platform cannot be a beginner in this game. You will want to see previous events they have helped to produce as well as demos of the platform.