Is It Time To Find A New Professional Path?

Getting on the right career path is not an easy task, nor a straight journey to an ideal destination. You might have noticed how very few people are certain of what they want to for the rest of their lives when they enter the workforce; this is more than natural, considering what a complex subject this is.
On top of that, what at one time could have been the “right career fit”, might not be so anymore. The important thing is to learn when to recognize the moment, and take action. If you are worried that your current career might not be right for you, here are some possible indicators:

You Wanna Do Other Things

If you have entertained the thought of doing something else, and that idea excites you, that’s probably a sign that you should broaden your horizons. What’s more, if you find yourself actively and purposely digging up information about learning programs, schools, or the job market, you are looking for a change.

Your Body Is Demanding Change

The body is the temple of the soul, and its manifestations are alarm signs of our inner world. Author Kathy Caprino stated in an article for Forbes magazine: “If you experience chronic illness, debilitation, and exhaustion, the first place I’d look is your work”. This comes as no surprise considering that most of us spend more than half of all the time we are awake at the workplace.
If your body is telling you that something is not right—maybe you’re working too much, maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard—this could be a sign that the direction of your career needs a change.

Unhappiness With Work

Maybe you’ve found a career path that you are good at, but don’t feel fulfilled or happy in your current workplace. K. H. Queen, writer for the jobs section of the Washington Post, says sometimes the need to change careers is not so much about the job itself, but how you approach it, and that “even a small change can make a big difference”.

Let’s say, for example, that you work in the tech industry for a corporation, but it doesn’t fulfill your career desires. You could try something like web development, in the same realm but with different challenges that might interest you at this stage in your life.

You Learned Enough From Work

If you feel stuck in a rut, no longer stimulated by your work, or crave to face new and interesting challenges, a change of careers could be what you need. Oftentimes, change is thought of as being synonymous with growth.
Don’t be afraid—you will not have lost everything you learned in your previous position. Even if you go from being an accountant to working in a tech position, all occupations have transferable skills that can enhance your performance in your new career path.

Spend Time Learning New Things

If you are fast becoming an expert in a subject, whether it be through formal online schooling or something else, and pass on opportunities in your main career to work on your “side gig”, maybe this is the path you’re meant to be taking that could turn into a potential side project and a primary source of revenue. Turning your passions into your career is a recipe for success that has been already proven true by many of the brightest success stories of the big names in every industry.


It is normal to sometimes feel unmotivated and not so energetic or present in your career endeavors. However, if this becomes a pattern, it is good to analyze your options; after all, trying out new things is always a good idea, and there are many different ways to do this in a non-drastic way. If you are not completely satisfied with the current state of your work life, you might find that a shift in your career is exactly what you need to turn things around for the best.