There’s a reason why people say that you have to spend money to make money: it’s true. There is a quite literal cost to doing business. The plan is always to make more money than you spend, and there are quite a few things you can spend money on for your business.Not all business costs are created equal though, especially in terms of the payoff.

A Good CPA

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on accounting services. How much you should expect to spend on a good CPA depends on what services you need and how frequently you need them. Fortunately, there is a payoff for working with a good CPA. Good CPAs can save you money on tax returns by finding credits and deductions you may not have known you qualified for. 

They can also help you avoid paying penalties and interest due to tax return inaccuracies. Need someone to help your business reach its financial goals? A good CPA may be able to help you.

Liability Insurance

Lawsuits can tank a business. Protect your business from the financial fallout of being sued by carrying liability insurance. Liability insurance can cover injury and property damage claims made against your business, legal fees for covered claims, and costs brought on by advertising errors or misstatements. 

Sure, it costs money, but it costs a lot less than what you should expect to pay if you get involved in a lawsuit. See what your liability insurance covers so you know if you need additional insurance, such as umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance helps supplement your existing policy to provide additional protection.

Business Investments

At least some of the money your business brings in should be invested back into the business itself. There are a ton of ways you can invest in your business. Invest in your employees, pursue education and training that will help you lead your business more effectively, or refine or expand your advertising. Making wise investments in your business will help it flourish and improve, increasing its ability to bring more money in.


Any savvy business owner won’t spend business money on things they don’t think are worth it. That said, some business costs pay off more than others. Pay attention to business costs that yield the best results, whether in terms of making you money or saving you money. If you’re ever wondering where you should focus your business spending, those expenses are an excellent place to start.

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