We have all heard the saying many times before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many, the saying simply means that you shouldn’t skip breakfast, but actually it is a lot more than that. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and the first fuel your body gets to start the morning on the right foot. What you choose to fuel your body with at breakfast will have an impact on you for the rest of the day. Here are three breakfast foods that you should avoid giving yourself the best start to the day possible.

Fried Foods

The first kind of breakfast foods that you should avoid are fried breakfast foods. While it can be tempting to eat a fried hash brown, or fried chicken and waffles for breakfast, fried foods are a less than ideal way to get your day started. Fried foods are very heavy and full of calories which can slow you down and keep you sluggish all day long. Not to mention that all the oily food sitting in your stomach can cause discomfort and digestive troubles for the whole day. Best to let fried foods wait for later meals, and even then, choose them sparingly.

Sugary Foods

Another kind of breakfast food that you should avoid at all costs is sugary foods. It feels like every single breakfast food nowadays is a dessert masquerading as a healthy start to the day. From cereal to pancakes and waffles to even granola bars have ingredients lists that read more like a dessert than a breakfast. Many granola bars and dried fruit are packed with sugar. It is best to stick to foods that are composed of complex carbs, healthy fat, and protein for a great start to your morning.


The final breakfast food that you should avoid at all costs is eating nothing for breakfast. While many diet trends may suggest skipping breakfast, the truth is that starting your day with food is important to giving your body the energy it needs to thrive. Skipping breakfast is also linked with overeating later in the day, so the calories you think you are saving may not be helping. Stick to a smaller breakfast that is balanced for the best energy boost in the morning.

What you eat for breakfast sets the stage for your entire day. You should be a bit choosier about what kinds of foods you eat at breakfast time. Make sure that your breakfast doesn’t include these three foods and you are on the right track.

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