One of the ways you can boost conversions for your existing products is to create add-ons and bonus material. You can provide both stated bonuses that you mention on your sales page to boost value. Plus, you can also include unannounced bonuses that contribute to customer delight and reduces purchase regret.

When you are developing bonuses, the way to come up with the ideas is to think about the information you’re providing, what goes right before it, what might come right after it, and any additional information that they may need for the future moving forward.

Previous Information

Let’s say you have a course that teaches your audience how to create a Marketing Funnel based on their customers’ buying journey. While you can teach this information without providing previous information such as marketing definitions, marketing stats, and so forth; by adding that information, it will help your customers understand the why of what they’re doing. Look for a small report or a group of blog posts you can turn into a small report that gives them the education they need for a better understanding of the information you’re giving them.

After Information

You can use bonus information that you send to buyers that are not announced to help them use the product they bought in a more effective manner. For example, if you are teaching them how to create a customer avatar, you can provide examples and information about customer avatars through your own marketing funnel and buyer’s journey to provide examples that they can relate to their situation.

Additional Information

Sometimes after you’ve delivered a lesson or product to your audience, questions start coming in. Use this as an opportunity to provide more information to not only the people who bought it, by sending answers to them directly, but also to create bonus material to include for future buyers so that you can improve the product and make even more sales.

Bonus Material Ideas

Here are some ideas for content that works as additional bonuses. Think about where they are in the buying cycle before adding it, and what the purpose of the addition is. You want it to add value to your offers and be super relevant so that they understand the value of it.

• Checklists – Set up a checklist giving them all the steps at a glance for setting up their client avatars.
• Cheat Sheet – Show them what a client avatar looks like, so they see the example to follow.
• Workbooks – Use lessons to help your audience learn something you’re trying to teach them in the information you provide.
• Templates – Set up a template for them to follow and use as their own.
• Software Trials – Even if you cannot offer something completely free, offering short-time use of the software as an add-on is a great bonus to at least get them to try it.
• Free Software – If you can offer totally free software options, that’s a great bonus. This can work great with membership or monthly continuity sites.
• Demonstration Video – Add a video that demonstrates the lesson step by step in detail.
• Case Studies and Reports – Once you have customers sending in their thoughts, you can start to create case studies from the information. Compile it and use it to help sell but also to provide additional value.
• Definition Guide – Sometimes, your audience needs to understand what the terms mean when they’re new and just becoming aware.
• Subject Matter Guide – This can help your audience go through your information more systematically; this can be made from your long-form and epic content and reused as a bonus.

Adding these types of materials to your offers will increase the value of your offers exponentially. But, the behind the scenes information you provide your customers that they’re not expecting can turn your customers into brand advocates.