While there are some amazing daily habits and rituals that can help improve your mental health, there are also some that might be more damaging than you realize. Many of these are subtle but can make a difference in the long run.

Lack of Exercise and Proper Diet
Let’s get this one out of the way since it’s both really important to keep in mind, and probably the one you don’t want to accept. Yes, your daily exercise and eating habits can make a difference in how you feel emotionally and mentally. We are in no way saying you need to have a rigid workout routine or stick to a restrictive diet. But you do want to take good care of your body.
Healthy, nutrient-dense foods help you feel better and give you more energy. Plus, some eating habits can actually make anxiety worse, including having a lot of caffeine or sugar. Exercise is a wonderful way to reduce your anxiety, help with stress, and clear your mind.

Perfectionism and Taking Yourself Too Seriously
Many people joke about how they are perfectionists and everything needs to be perfect and done exactly how they want. But when the laughing stops, you might find that it is actually severely impacting your life, and not in a good way.
Now is the time to stop expecting perfection and feeling like a failure just because you didn’t do everything on your list or you didn’t do it exactly 100 percent perfect. No human
being is perfect, so this is completely unreasonable. We don’t live in a black or white world – we live in a gray world. Find what is in the middle. A comfortable place where you know you work hard and have responsibilities, but you also let yourself have some fun and are open-minded about the results.

Hiding From Your Anxiety or Depression with Stimulants
It is not uncommon to “deal” with mental health issues by avoiding them entirely. Far too many people do this and don’t even realize the ramifications. But if you are relying on stimulants to deal with your emotions or mental state, like smoking, drinking heavily, or relying on caffeine for energy, you are actually hurting yourself in the long run. Alcohol is a depressant, so it might be fun while drinking, but once you sober up, your depression and anxiety are much worse.

Overuse of Social Media
While using social media definitely has its merits, it can also be a bad habit that is actually hurting your mental health. If you are someone that just checks in every once in a while or when you get notifications, it’s probably not a bad habit for you. But for people who check it constantly and whose notifications stress them out, it is definitely something to start reducing in your daily life.