When you set up the editing process for your PLR, one of the things you’ll need to do is make sure you’re monetizing your content. To monetize, all you need to do is know what you want your audience to do next and tell them to do it. This is your call to action moment. After all, you have a reason for publishing the content in the first place, and that reason has to do with your CTA.

To develop calls to action that work:

• Use a Strong Actionable Verbs – Words like “Buy,” “Shop,” and “Order” are all excellent strong action verbs that you can use if you run an eCommerce store. However, you may want to try to be a little more creative when you want them to download your freebie. Words like “Download” or “Fill Out This Survey” are straightforward work too.

• Provoke Their Emotions – This is where punctuation can be very helpful. Try adding an exclamation point to make them feel enthusiastic about the action. You can add in words that you might not think to use otherwise like “Heck yeah! Download that Mother Right now!” assuming the personality and voice of your business matches that tone.

• Tell Them Why – Instead of just saying Download, you could say, “Yes! I want to change my life right now!” which is a good “why” to share. The why is usually the result they’re looking for, such as losing weight, making money, ending anxiety, and so forth.

• Elicit Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – A tried and true method of getting your audience to take advantage of your CTAs is FOMO. You don’t want to overuse this, but when you are having a sale or the offer is temporary, let them know so they can realize they need to choose now, not later.

• Know Your Buyer’s Intent – To craft compelling calls to action, it helps to understand where your audience is within their buyer’s journey. That way, you know what their intent is. Upon reading a blog post, their intent may have been just to learn more information, not make a purchase, so you’ll have to determine when it’s appropriate based on the buyer’s intent.

• Make It All Work on Mobile – This is redundant to say, but it’s true. Your website needs to work on mobile-first and not just on a PC because most people are using mobile devices now. This is especially true when it comes to reading email, so if your offer goes through to your customer via email, if it doesn’t work on mobile, you’ll miss a lot of sales.

Always think about your purpose for publishing that content and the intent of your audience member at the moment when they’re consuming that content. This will help you ensure that the CTAs you create work better. After all, when you give your customers what they want when they want it and how they want it, you’ll also get what you want, which is a profitable and thriving business.