Amber Christian is the founder of Wonderly software solutions, a company using human-centered design to bring magic and joy to building software and experiences. Their first product, Bella Scena helps you go from deliberate to done through its to-do, calendar and meeting planning application.

She is also a speaker, writer and podcast host. She hosts the podcast Being Wonderly and talks about the journey to build a tech company. Before building Wonderly, Amber spent almost 20 years at the intersection of Finance and Technology implementing SAP globally for Fortune 500 companies.

During our conversation, Amber talks passionately about being an entrepreneur. She loves what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious. I was fascinated by her human-centered design programming and think all products and services should use that concept. Her product Bella Scena is an amazing product to help you stay on task and be productive.

You can connect with Amber here:
Twitter: Being Wonderly
LinkedIN: Wonderly Software
Instagram: Being Wonderly

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