When you know it, you really do know it. I think I was probably four or five years old when I realized I loved to run little restaurants serving imaginary tea or sell plastic vegetables and fruits from my grocery store. The instinct of wanting to buy and sell and make a little profit set in quite early, although I don’t quite understand where it came from. Both my parents were physicians and there weren’t any family or friends who were running their own businesses either. Nonetheless, I knew on some level that I would end up running some kind of business when I grew up. Little did I know I would end up becoming a serial entrepreneur, starting my first company at the age of 19.

I am now 28 and have already tried my hand at many businesses and projects. Some succeeded while many failed. I also kept my academic interests in the medical field alive and continue to learn and grow in that profession as well. I enjoy having many hobbies and home projects, socializing with friends and family, and networking to broaden my community. You must be wondering how I can fit all of this into a working day and still keep a full-time job. I’ll be honest, it isn’t easy but it is very much possible.

This is what a weekday in my life usually looks like:
6:30 am Wake up, watch some news, chill with my cat, check email

7:00 am Start getting ready for work, drink some tea or have a small breakfast when I crave it

8:00 am Walk to class (I’m taking courses now to become a registered nurse)

12:30 pm Have some lunch(that I usually bring from home, pre-packed bi-weekly), respond to Instagram and blog comments, check email, network online or over the phone, take some photos, check out a new lunch place once a week

1:00 pm Head over to work

1:30 pm-8:30 pm Work (I work at a nursing home and have flexible hours and shifts)

8:30 pm Headphone, catch up on podcasts and radio on the way

8:45 pm Do a quick workout at home most days (longer workouts on weekends), freshen up

9:15 pm Have dinner and spend time on my blog (If my boyfriend is around he cooks, otherwise I cook a nice hot meal and make a fresh salad), feed my cat dinner

9:45 pm Twice a week, consult with business partners and directors via skype call for multiple projects

10:30 pm Upload any remaining Pinterest or Instagram photos, stories taken that day and head to bed

The most important thing here is the last part: getting to bed by 11:00 pm at the latest. I could not function and be productive without 8 full hours of sleep. I do most of my studying on weekends, holidays, during lunch on campus and so on. I do my financial management on the go through my phone or computer and pay all my bills that way as well. I do all my cleaning, grocery, laundry, and other chores on weekend afternoons before heading out to any social commitments. I do a lot of multi-tasking and enjoy staying busy but I am also able to shut it all out and doze off at the blink of an eye as well. I choose to do this because I’m greedy about missing out on experiences. I don’t want to miss out on being an entrepreneur, but I also love the healthcare field and want to keep learning about it. I did a master’s degree but realized I love hands-on clinical work even more. I’m also obsessed with my blog and it is my passion project. I love partner, my family and friends, and my cat. I see no reason that any of us should have to choose between so many things…all of which we absolutely love. If you feel that way too, just know that sooner or later you can find a way to make it all work. You may not get an A+ on every test by juggling so many things, you may not make a million dollars off the entrepreneurial projects until it’s your only focus for a few years, but you can definitely still make it work and do it well!

Faria Ahmed is the co-editor of a successful blog for millennials across the globe. You can check out her blog here: www.millenialthings.blog