Creating an impactful and memorable online event is crucial. Event branding is one of the key pieces in setting up an event that attracts and engages attendees. Event branding captures the essence of an event with a name, symbol, or design. It is can be intertwined with the brand or have its own identity. Event branding epitomizes a brand’s personality in several ways.

It’s important to develop an event brand for your online event. It helps you put your brand images in the minds of your attendees, therefore, increasing your brand recognition. It sets the stage for your online event, giving attendees a sneak peek into what they can expect and getting them excited before the event. The reason I love event branding so much is it sets your online event apart from other events.

Here are 5 ways that you can brand your online event.

Event Platform
Your virtual venue should have features to place your branding colors, fonts, themes, and logos. When the attendees “show up”, they should know that your event lives there.

Social Media
You have to make use of all of your social media platforms. You must have a strategy for the social media branding of your event.

Event Website
If possible, your event should have its own website to further help with your branding efforts. Your event website is the one piece of virtual real estate that you truly own. You can customize it any way you would like.

Event Swag
Another way to brand your company and your event is to have event swag. You can have swag boxes or bags branded with your colors and logo

Online Event Engagement
Your tools of engagement for your online event should be customized to match the branding. You could incorporate a virtual photo booth, prize wheel or any other form of gamification.