Weight Lifting Will Does Not Make You Look, “Manly”

Actually the opposite happens sis. When you decide to pick up weights only two things will happen. You’ll either tone your body or build muscle. Depending on what your fitness goals are you can use light weights to help tone and sculpt your body while using heavier weights to grow muscles in your body like your glutes. In essence, you can sculpt your body using weights strategically. To tone your body, you should be lifting light weights for 8-10 repetitions per set at least 3 x a week. If you want to grow muscles, you should be lifting heavier weights for 5-8 repetitions per set at least 2 x a week or more. It sounds a lot harder than it really is and once you start lifting weights, be warned sis you’re going to be addicted! That’s why this is 1 of the 5 reasons women should try lifting weights in 2020.

Lifting Weights Helps You Fight Back Against Symptoms of Mental Health

Exercise has been proven to lower symptoms of depression, anxiety & stress. Using weights is a great technique to add to your routine to keep things fresh and interesting. Weights can be incorporated into almost any type of workout including yoga. One of my favorite ways to use weights is to incorporate them into a HIIT workout. Burn calories and increase strength at the same time! Lifting weights has been proven to burn as many calories and fat a traditional cardio workout. After your done sis you’ll feel so good about what you’ve done and how much you accomplished. It’s so empowering! When you feel good on the inside, it’s hard not feel good on the outside. Self-care is not just about journaling. Self-care can be active and can provide a challenge. Often times we find that we can grow when we push our selves to do something that is hard. This helps improve our mental grit and toughness. 

It Makes You Strong

Lifting weights makes you stronger period. You will be amazed at what your body can do when you start to lift weights. Over time you’ll notice your body getting stronger by the number of repetitions you complete and how heavy your lifting. Getting stronger is only a win-win for us, sis. We are already strong and lifting weights just makes doing daily things like taking out the garbage, picking up the kids or just having to carry groceries up several flights of stairs so much easier. You’re already a real-life superwoman sis and lifting weights fights back against any kryptonite that tries to tell us differently. 


Lifting Weights also Strengthens Bones

Yes, you read that right. Lifting weights helps increase the strength of your bones. As women, we have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. Black Women are more susceptible to this condition to due many of us not getting the recommended amount of calcium, many of us being lactose intolerant and lack of screenings. Using weights along with a regular exercise regimen will help combat the effects of osteoporosis. Using resistance bands are also a great way to incorporate strength training into your routine. You can also walk, dance or jog for 30 minutes a day to have the benefits of strength training impact your life. 

Prevents Injuries 

Making your self stronger just helps you in other areas of your life. If your planning to try a new exercise or participate in a spartan run lifting weights has to be a part of your regular routine this year. Lifting weights is known to help prevent injuries in other physical activities like running. For example, if you a runner adding weights into your routine will help you prevent knee injuries. Strengthing the muscles around the knee just benefits you overall. Preparing your body to benefit from other activities is a part of the process that will help you run that 5k in 2020 sis! 

I couldn’t help but add a bonus! 

Get Better Sleep

Yep, it’s true girl. Lifting weights will help you sleep better. When you add weights to an exercise regimen you also get the same benefits that exercise already provides like better sleep, reduction in stress levels and lower blood pressure. When you sleep better, you can focus better, you have more energy and you can sustain your lifestyle. You can use weights at the gym or buy resistance bands to use at home So sis, do not be afraid of the weights in 2020.

Sis, there are many benefits of adding weights to your exercise routine.  The most important being that you will amaze yourself when you see what you are truly capable of when you put your mind to it.  Part of being strong on the outside is making sure that you are strong on the inside. As Black women, we spend a lot of time nurturing others, making sure that they are strong and feeling empowered. We are always giving to others. Don’t forget to spend time making sure that you are strong Queen. You can’t pour into the cups of others if your cup is leaking. You should definitely try lifting weights because of the five reasons I’ve mentioned above in 2020 sis, you won’t regret it.

Claribel is a certified group fitness instructor and mindset educator. You can find her on Instagram here