What About Your Friends?

Friends can have a huge impact on our mental health and happiness. They provide comfort and support when we need it. They are there when we’re lonely and need companionship. Our friends bring us joy and we know we can depend on them when we need them. But good friendships don’t just happen. They develop over time and take some nurturing from both parties.

Friendships are beneficial to us for several reasons.
• They help improve our moods. When I’m down and need an uplift, I can call or text a friend to lift my spirits. Making plans to hang out or meet up for lunch, makes me happy. I get joy in knowing I will spend time with my friends.
• Friends can help you achieve your goals. There has not been one goal that I’ve set that my friends haven’t supported me in. They’ve encouraged me and keep me on track. When I wanted to give up, they didn’t let me. They reminded me why I was doing it in the first place. They motivated me along the way.
• Friends are supportive through tough times. When my parents passed away 10 months a part, my friends were right there to comfort and console me. They prayed with me and let me know I was not alone in this. When I’ve suffered heartbreak or have felt defeated about work or my businesses, they held my hand and let me know it would be ok.

Friendships are intimate relationships with people you trust. Have you assessed your friendships lately? Do your current friendships still provide the benefits you need? Here are a few things to consider.
• Do your friends still show a genuine interest in what’s going on with you?
• Do they genuinely care for you the way you are?
• Are they supportive and do they hold you accountable?
• Do you still feel good when you interact with them?

Friendships are a beautiful thing and are so necessary for life. But they must be mutually beneficial relationships. Assess your friendships today and make the necessary changes you may need to.

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