Working 9 to 5 in an office every weekday is how many of us make a living. This type of employment can be interesting, rewarding and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it can also be terribly sedentary. While this sort of job isn’t usually associated with fitness, there are several options an employee
Renata styles women; from the professional, that needs to define her style, to the everyday woman that enjoys displaying who she is through fashion. She enjoys fashion and how it makes women feel. That’s why she is my stylist. She has over 10 years of experience in fashion and styling. 
La’Torria Lemon is the CEO, Owner and senior publicist of Lemon-Lime Light Media as well as the founder of Let’s Talk Teen Talk.  Through Lemon-Lime Light Media she serves as the lead publicist for entertainers, non-profits, faith-based leaders and corporations. She also does brand management. La’Torria attended Clark Atlanta University, where
Olga Kirshenbaum is a Money Whisperer and Owner of Rags to Riches Consulting. She empowers individuals, creative business owners and entrepreneurs to make money decisions with confidence. She’s a true blessing to me and I’m so glad that we met albeit virtually. Who is Olga? Olga is a Money Whisperer

Taneshia Johnson

Taneshia Johnson is a clinical social worker, self-care coach, and first-time author of When Depression And Anxiety Have A Voice.  She specializes in emotional self-care as well as codependency.  Taneshia believes self-awareness can help everyone define who they are and what they need in life in order to have joy
Cindy aka “Priiincesss” is the model of consistency. Man, when I tell yall my boo works. She werks!! She always has a beautiful smile for everyone. Cindy is my photographer and every time I’m in Atlanta she is eager to take my photos. She’s always my go-to for photos. Who