Sometimes when things are particularly stressful, it can help to bring in reinforcements like a change in the atmosphere or accessories to help to soothe your mood. A calming scent, some relaxing music, or a gadget to settle your nerves are simple to put into place, but they can make
We’ve covered multi-tasking and discovered how it’s actually better in so many ways to focus on one thing at a time, instead. You’ll enhance your sense of calm when you can give your full attention to what you’re doing and live in the moment. Another thing that aids in feeling
In yesterday’s post, I shared with you why it’s better to concentrate on just one thing at work if you want to feel calmer. I gave you a few examples of the benefits of single-tasking. Today, I’d like to elaborate on that a bit. Multi-tasking truly is becoming an epidemic
People everywhere seem to be in a rush. We all have a lot to do, yet the same 24 hours each day to get it done. Chances are you’ve tried multi-tasking in order to get more accomplished. This might seem like a good plan, but it’s not always as effective
Mornings can be a hectic and rushed time. This is especially true when you’re responsible for getting others, like kids, ready for their day and out the door on time. Starting your day out feeling frazzled, cranky, and overwhelmed isn’t good for anyone. A simple solution to make things a
Today, I’d like to continue on the subject of minimalism. However, I’ll be focusing on the clothing many of us tend to collect. Wardrobes can quickly become overwhelming, full of items we never wear or that don’t fit. It can be hard to get rid of stuff, though, when you’ve

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